hair NOUN 1) any of the fine thread-like strands growing from the skin of mammals and other animals, or from the epidermis of a plant. 2) strands of hair collectively, especially on a person's head. 3) a very small quantity or extent.
hair of the dog — Cf. hair of the dog
a hair's breadth — Cf. ↑a hair's breadth
in (or out of) someone's hair — Cf. ↑out of someone's hair
keep your hair on! — Cf. ↑keep your hair on!
let one's hair down — Cf. ↑let one's hair down
make someone's hair stand on end — Cf. ↑make someone's hair stand on end
not turn a hair — Cf. ↑not turn a hair
split hairs — Cf. ↑split hairs
DERIVATIVES haired adjective hairless adjective.
ORIGIN Old English.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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